XIAOSHU LIU – NAATI Certified English-Chinese Translator

Introducing XIAOSHU LIU, a proficient NAATI Certified Translator proficient in both English and Chinese language pairs. Since commencing her career in the translation industry in 2013, XIAOSHU has garnered extensive experience in various translation duties across both languages, including written texts, news, audio files, and more. She specializes in translating a broad range of text projects and offers a Same-Day Translation Service for expedited needs.

Comprehensive Translation Services

XIAOSHU LIU’s expertise includes:

  • Legal Documents: Skilled in translating contracts, agreements, and legal correspondences.
  • Medical Reports: Proficient in translating medical documents, ensuring accuracy and confidentiality.
  • Personal Documents: Expertise in translating birth certificates, ID cards, driver licences, marriage certificates, and other personal documents.
  • Website Content and News Articles: Capable of handling diverse content from websites and news articles.
  • Corporate Agreements: Experienced in translating business-related documents for corporate needs.
  • Same-Day Translation Service: Offering rapid turnaround for urgent translation requirements.


  • NAATI Certification: Ensuring high-quality, professional translations in both English and Chinese.
  • Versatile Translation Experience: Wide-ranging expertise across various document types and formats.
  • Commitment to Timeliness: Dedicated to providing fast and efficient Same-Day Translation Services.
  • Accuracy and Cultural Sensitivity: Focused on delivering precise translations that are culturally appropriate.

XIAOSHU LIU is an ideal choice for clients seeking proficient Chinese to English and English to Chinese translation services. Her commitment to quality and her ability to provide swift translations make her a valuable asset for a variety of translation needs.

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