Yiting Chen, NAATI-Certified Chinese to English Translator

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Yiting Chen – NAATI-Certified Chinese to English Translator

Introducing Yiting Chen, a dynamic NAATI-certified Chinese to English translator. Her unique blend of professional experiences and academic achievements distinctly positions her in the translation field. Yiting’s language expertise is enriched by a versatile background that spans aviation to marketing, along with notable educational accomplishments.

Broad Range of Skills and Experiences

High-Level Language Proficiency Yiting impressively scores an IELTS Band 8.5, demonstrating her exceptional command of English.

Educational Excellence She holds a Master of Teaching from Australia and a Master of Translation and Interpreting from China. This robust academic foundation underpins her translation skills.

Multicultural Exposure Yiting’s experiences with Singapore Airlines as a cabin crew member on Airbus380 and Boeing777 have given her a unique perspective. This exposure is essential for culturally nuanced translations.

Marketing Expertise While part of CDU Global’s marketing team, Yiting refined her skills in targeting the Chinese market. She is adept at translating marketing materials using platforms like WeChat, Weibo, and Little Red Book.

Why Choose Yiting Chen?

NAATI Certification Yiting’s NAATI certification confirms her professional and accurate translation capabilities.

Versatile Background Her varied experience in teaching, aviation, and marketing enables Yiting to provide contextually relevant translations.

Leadership and Initiative Yiting’s roles as an NFACR Ambassador and StudyNT Ambassador highlight her leadership qualities and dedication.

Engaging Communication Her relatable personality and strong communication skills enhance the effectiveness of her translations.

Yiting Chen: A Culturally Informed Communicator

Yiting Chen stands out as more than just a translator; she is a culturally informed communicator, committed to delivering exceptional translation services. Her diverse background, coupled with her NAATI certification, makes her an ideal choice for Mandarin to English translation needs.

Whether for business, legal, educational, or personal documents, Yiting ensures translations that are not just accurate, but also culturally and contextually attuned.

Choose Yiting Chen for your NAATI-certified Chinese to English translation needs. Experience her passion for language and commitment to excellence.

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