Introducing Acudocx:

An innovative yet simple mobile-friendly platform for efficient document translations.

key features

The AcudocX Difference


The AcudocX platform is essentially free for translators, with no subscription, licence or monthly plans, instead running on a very low percentage service fee, paid by customers.


AcudocX acts as a tool whereby customers may fill in their own information, and the translators act as editors/quality controllers. This places control back into the hands of the customer and benefits both parties.


AcudocX helps reduce the amount of time required for each translation task and avoids any over-communication between customers and translators so that customers can receive their documents sooner.


Our system is intuitive and user-friendly. Customers will be able to navigate with ease, and translators can use the system after minimal training and instruction.


AcudocX is future-minded and will grow to accommodate more languages, translations from English to Languages Other Than English, and has the ability to be modified for use by translation agencies.

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About Us

Today’s translation professionals seek practical techniques

Our software-as-a-service allows the translation process to be undertaken more efficiently, more quickly and more transparently. Our streamlined system can increase the capacity of the translation industry by automating tedious and time-consuming tasks via the AcudocX system.

Not only can costs be brought down for the customer, also translators are able to prioritise work in a more efficient manner, resulting in productivity growth.


What People Are Saying

We value every feedback we receive from our translators and customers.


“The service was excellent. My document translation has been completed in time and with a close attention to detail.”

John Doe

“Thank you, guys! I’m very satisfied with your translation work."

Jane Smith