Congratulations! You’re on the way to working faster.

Here’s 4 steps that’ll maximise your value from AcudocX:

1. Activate your account

Our team members are setting up your account right now! If you have submitted your application outside of business hours, please wait to receive your account activation email, set up a password and log in. You might have to check your junk email folder if it hasn’t arrived.  The AcudocX handbook provides all of the info you’ll need.

2. AcudocX Training and PD Points

We have 6 units of self-paced training below to help you become familiar with the platform. Training will take around 45 minutes and along with the live onboarding session below, counts towards PD points for your NAATI recertification. There are also a number of useful YouTube videos below that will help guide you through the system, and see our 1-page cheatsheet that covers all the basics.

3. Onboarding and info sessions

Sign up for a 15-minute AcudocX welcome and onboarding session, available for all new users of the platform. It will be quick demo of the platform and allow you to ask any questions. Click to find a time that suits you here.

4. Follow us on your favourite socials

Following AcudocX on Linkedin or on Facebook provides access to free events, checklists and other community perks – follow us so you don’t miss out! We also have a Discord channel, where you can ask other providers questions.


3 things to join the ride 🙂

  1. Update the information on your profile – including your logo and banner images

  2. Update or customise your pricing in My Languages > View > Pricing and Templates

  3. Start giving your customers your Quick Link. This link can be found in your Provider Profile (next to ‘Welcome back’ in the top right of the AcudocX screen). When a customer clicks this, they’ll be locked to you as a provider and can send work directly to you. You can create a landing page on your website with it as a ‘start job now’ link, add it to your NAATI or AUSIT directory listing, create a social media advertising campaign using it, or even add it to your email auto-reply. The possibilities are endless! 


Please click here to confirm training completion

Training Units


Training Units 1-3

Training Units 4-6

Some helpful instructions videos

Download the comprehensive handbook for AcudocX here

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