Complete your AcudocX provider Training below

Links to our self-paced onboarding lessons are below (units 1-6) and you can see some of our helpful YouTube videos at the bottom of the page.

You can breeze through unit 1-6 in less than an hour, or take your time and casually get through them one by one.

Unit 6 is a recap and asks you to confirm that you have completed each of the requirements, and has a link to schedule an onboarding session for a live run-through of the platform.

After the training and onboarding is complete, we will recognise the time you spent by sending you a PD certificate of training completion which you can use for your NAATI recertification.

The three requirements to activate your account are:

  1. Fill in all the information on your profile – including uploading your logo (profile) and banner (letterhead) picture
  2. Set your pricing in My Languages > View > Pricing and Templates
  3. Securely send a scanned, password-protected (zip file), signed copy of your NAATI stamp to the email address listed on the My Languages > View Page to be verified and uploaded to your profile

Start by clicking on Unit 1
then drag the slider to view Units 4-6

Some helpful instructions videos

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Download the comprehensive handbook for AcudocX here