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An onboarding email will follow with more information and instructions for the self-paced training

If you would like to set your own prices, please enter below.
Please Note: The minimum price threshold is set at $14.95, for the system to function.
Please provide your custom URL that locks customers to your provider profile (i.e. they cannot select other providers for your language pair when using this link).
A slug is the part of a URL which identifies a particular page on a website in an easy to read form (32 characters max). In other words, it's the part of the URL that lets customers know they're going to use you.
ABC Translation, for example, would use:
Please Note: The logo you provide will be placed on the letterhead of each exported document. If none is provided, a blank white image will be put there.
The short and long descriptions are shown on your internal AcudocX provider profile. This page is useful if you do not have your own website (yet) and would like to give your customers a landing page to see your logo (or portrait) image, prices, and some brief information about you before they start their job.
Optional: Upload your signed (not dated) NAATI stamp below. You can password-protect it in a zip file and type the password in the space below (for extra security). Accepted file types are jpg, png, pdf (and zip).

If you do not upload a copy of your ink stamp, you can upload your Digital NAATI Stamp upon job completion (the system allows you to use both).

Please note: After verifying and resizing your stamp it will be uploaded to your AcudocX profile and will ONLY be accessible by YOU, via 2FA. Copies of NAATI stamps are NOT stored on any local computer drives or devices. No one gains access to these stamps other than you and the only way to access them is through 2FA.
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