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Getting started

Watch the following video to get to know how AcudocX works.

Mobile instructions

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Desktop instructions

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Follow these steps

1. Select your language and the type of document.
2. Choose from the list of available extract templates. If your document is not on the list, please select full translation.
3. Select the relevant text corresponding to the field on-screen.
4. Enter the English translation into the empty fields.
5. Select CONTINUE on desktop or NEXT STEP:Summary on mobile. Choose to add more translations here, or continue to payment.
6. Once checked, if edits need to be made, the job will be sent back to you for review. Your job will be sent to your provider for certification after you complete this step.
7. After your provider completes the job, your job may be securely downloaded.


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Yes you can! You can use AcudocX on mobile and desktop devices.

Our system caters to a growing list of extract translations. We recommend you check whether your type of document is available from our templates, check with the authority that an extract is permissible, otherwise, please choose a full translation.

Different types of translations can vary in turnover time. Unfortunately, we are unable to give you an estimate for when your translation will be complete. We recommend you contact your translator directly through your job’s messaging system. Self-service extracts are always delivered the fastest.

You will enter translations from your source language to English to the best of your ability. After this is complete, your translation will be sent to your translator, where any necessary edits are made. Your translator may send your job back to you for review. Once you complete the review, the job is sent back to your translator for digital certification. Once your job is complete, you can securely download your documents right from the AcudocX portal.
Yes you can! Submit your first document, then on your summary page, you will be prompted to add a new translation if you wish to do so. Upload your second document and follow the steps.
You should first begin a new translation and upload ONLY ONE of your documents and follow the steps on-screen. You will be able to add a new translation on the job summary page. Please select ‘add a new translation’ and upload your second birth certificate.

Skip this field and select text for the fields that you can find corresponding information on your document. Your translator is a certified professional, who knows what to add. There may be minor additional charges if they have to make more than a couple of changes.

  • You may find it useful to view an example of the text translated into English (if available).
  • To do so, press on the empty ‘customer translation’ box, after selecting the source image, to type your translation. Appearing in this box will be an example of the text required for the corresponding field. 
We recommend you contact your translator via the job’s messaging system. The translator can then send the job back to you for you to update your source documents. You will receive an email notifying you when you are able to update your documents.

Because only your translator can have access to your documents, we recommend you send a message to your translator via the messaging system to resolve your concerns. If the translation has not been started, the translator may be able to refund you and request that you resubmit your document as a full translation. If the translation has been completed, you will need to negotiate with the translator directly.

  • Included free edits are the number of free revisions a translator can make to your translation, any edits exceeding this number will incur a charge per edit (as set by the translator).
  • One edit will count if any changes (text or numbers) are made to one field. For instance, if the translator changes a field from 09 April 2020 to 09 Apr 2021, this counts as one edit.
This functionality in place to ensure that any potential changes in our translators’ pricing will be updated accordingly. If you have not submitted a translation within 3 days, you will not be able to access your document until you accept a new service agreement, which acknowledges potential pricing changes and/or changes to our terms and conditions.
The option to complete an extract translation yourself costs less because translators will inherently spend less time to complete your translation. By completing part of the translation by yourself, you will spend less on your translation and allows the translator more time for other tasks. Win-win!

We currently accept credit or debit card payments. Additional payment methods will be made available in the future!


Learn about our different type of translations and starting prices.

Extract Translation

NAATI-certified extract translations are used to prove evidence for all official purposes in Australia, including for citizenship or visa applications, etc. Only the relevant information is translated, following official templates.

Prices all include a service fee of 5% + $4.

Additional fees may apply if any edits need to be made by your translator (charged per edit). This fee is set by the translator. Prices vary for each translator. Please contact your assigned translator to learn exact prices.

Full Translation

Full translations are exact replications of the foreign-language document, translated into English. Everything is included in the translation. This is suitable for passport applications or when full translations are stated as being a requirement.

Prices all include a service fee of 5% + $4.

Prices vary for each translator. Please contact your assigned translator to learn exact prices.


Need more help on using AcudocX? Download the latest version of our customer guidebook below.

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