Melissa Ow – NAATI Certified Chinese to English Interpreter and Translator

Introducing Melissa Ow, a NAATI Certified Interpreter and Translator in the Chinese to English language pair since June 2018. Melissa brings a wealth of expertise to a variety of fields including legal, medical, business, academic, and literary translation, along with standard document translations such as ID and driver licences.

Expert Translation and Interpreting in Various Fields

Melissa Ow specializes in:

  • Legal Translations: Proficient in translating legal documents, contracts, and court papers.
  • Medical Translations: Experienced in translating medical reports, patient records, and healthcare materials.
  • Business Translations: Skilled in translating business documents, reports, and corporate communications.
  • Academic and Literary Translations: Adept in translating academic papers and literary works.
  • Standard Document Translation: Expertise in translating personal documents including ID cards and driver licences.

Why Choose Melissa Ow?

  • NAATI Certification: Ensures high-quality, professional translations and interpretations.
  • Diverse Specialization: Wide-ranging expertise in legal, medical, business, and literary translations.
  • Commitment to Accuracy: Focused on delivering precise and culturally sensitive translations.
  • Experience in Multiple Areas: Proven track record in various fields, catering to a broad spectrum of translation needs.

Melissa Ow is dedicated to providing top-tier Chinese to English translation and interpreting services. Her extensive experience and NAATI certification make her an excellent choice for a diverse array of translation requirements.

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