MADDISON NORRIS – NAATI Certified Chinese to English Translator

Introducing MADDISON NORRIS, a proficient NAATI-certified translator specializing in Chinese to English translations, based in Adelaide, South Australia. As a native English speaker with a longstanding passion for languages and a particular focus on Mandarin Chinese, Maddison brings a unique blend of linguistic flair and cultural understanding to her work. Since obtaining her Masters in Translating and Interpreting from RMIT in 2015 and her subsequent NAATI certification, she has undertaken various freelance projects, encompassing translation, editing, and proofreading across diverse text genres.

Specialized Chinese to English Translation Services

Maddison Norris offers a range of translation services:

  • Official Documents: Expert in translating birth certificates, ID cards, driver licences, marriage certificates, and other essential documents.
  • Academic Translations: Proficient in translating academic papers, research materials, and educational certificates.
  • Business and Corporate Documents: Skilled in translating business reports, plans, and corporate communications.
  • Editing and Proofreading: Ensuring accuracy and cultural appropriateness in all translated texts.


  • NAATI Certification: Assuring high-quality, professional translations.
  • Masters in Translating and Interpreting: Academic background providing a solid foundation in translation techniques and ethics.
  • Native English Speaker with Mandarin Proficiency: Unique combination ensuring accurate and culturally sensitive translations.
  • Versatile Translation Experience: Wide-ranging expertise in translating various genres of texts.

Maddison Norris is dedicated to providing top-tier Chinese to English translation services. Her commitment to linguistic excellence and cultural sensitivity makes her an ideal choice for a diverse array of translation needs.

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