Mengchang Shi – Certified Chinese to English Translator and Interpreter

Mengchang Shi – Certified Chinese to English Translator and Interpreter

Introducing Mengchang Shi, a certified translator and interpreter in English-Chinese language pairs, with an impressive track record since 2005. Based in Australia, Mengchang has translated a substantial number of documents across various fields for government agencies and private sectors, consistently achieving high customer satisfaction. Additionally, Mengchang is an esteemed postgraduate translation course instructor at the University of Adelaide.

Specialized Translation and Interpreting Services

Mengchang Shi offers expertise in several areas:

  • Government and Official Documents: Proficient in translating documents for government agencies with precision and accuracy.
  • Business and Corporate Materials: Skilled in translating for the private sector, including business reports, plans, and corporate communications.
  • Academic and Educational Translations: Experience in translating academic papers and educational materials.
  • Teaching Postgraduate Translation Course: Bringing academic insights into practical translation applications.

Why Choose Mengchang Shi?

  • Certified Professional: Assures high-quality, professional translation and interpreting services.
  • Extensive Experience: Over a decade of experience in translating for various sectors.
  • High Customer Satisfaction: Consistently praised for delivering excellent translation services.
  • Academic Expertise: Instructor role at the University of Adelaide adds depth to translation knowledge and skills.

Mengchang Shi is a reliable choice for clients seeking proficient Chinese to English translation and interpreting services. Her vast experience, coupled with her academic involvement, ensures top-tier language solutions for a diverse range of needs.

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