Ling Jin, NAATI Certified Chinese to English Translator

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Ling Jin – NAATI Certified Chinese to English Translator

Meet Ling Jin, a proficient NAATI-certified Chinese to English translator and a respected member of AUSIT since 2016. With a rich educational background including a Master of Arts Degree in Education from America and a Bachelor of Medicine Degree from China, Ling Jin is uniquely qualified to handle a variety of translation projects. Ling’s expertise spans both Simplified and Traditional Chinese, serving a diverse range of clients from individuals to government agencies and private sector companies.

Specializing in Comprehensive Translation Services

As a NAATI-certified Chinese to English translator, Ling Jin offers her expertise in various areas:

  • Standard and Personal Documents: Accurately translating birth certificates, ID cards, driver licenses, and more.
  • Healthcare and Medical Reports: Specialized in translating medical records with precision and confidentiality.
  • Academic Transcripts and Texts: Ensuring accurate translation of educational documents, upholding academic integrity.
  • Government Documents: Expert in translating official documents, adhering to governmental standards.
  • Business and Marketing Materials: Skilled in translating and localizing business plans, marketing brochures, and corporate communications.
  • Research and Educational Materials: Precise translation of research papers and educational content.
  • Digital Content: Adept at localizing website content, social media posts, and creating subtitles for multimedia.

Why Choose Ling Jin?

  • NAATI Certification: A testament to professional and high-quality translation services.
  • Diverse Educational Background: A unique blend of education and medical expertise enriches the quality of translations.
  • Experience with Simplified and Traditional Chinese: Versatility in catering to a wide range of Chinese linguistic content.
  • Specialization in Varied Fields: From healthcare to business, Ling Jin delivers expert translations across multiple domains.

Ling Jin is committed to delivering top-tier Chinese to English translation services. Her approach ensures accuracy, cultural sensitivity, and professional excellence in every project, making her an ideal choice for a wide array of translation needs, from personal documents to complex professional materials.

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