Juan Farias: NAATI-Certified Spanish to English Translator

Juan Farias: NAATI-Certified Spanish to English Translator

Juan Farias: Your Go-To NAATI-Certified Spanish to English Translator

Decade-Long Translation Journey

Meet Juan Farias, a dedicated and NAATI-certified translator, with a unique journey that began even before his graduation from a prestigious Uruguayan university. His decade-long experience spans continents, showcasing his adaptability and commitment to quality translation.

Specialization in Subtitling and Document Translation

  • Subtitling Mastery: Juan’s notable career includes extensive work in subtitling for leading streaming services like Netflix and Amazon.
  • Diverse Document Expertise: His experience encompasses a wide range of documents, highlighting his versatility as a translator.

International Experience Enhancing Translation Skills

  • Global Cultural Insights: Having lived in Spain, New Zealand, and now Australia, Juan’s translations are enriched with a broad cultural understanding.
  • Accuracy and Cultural Relevance: His commitment to precision and cultural sensitivity ensures translations are not just accurate but also contextually appropriate.

Why Opt for Juan Farias’ Translation Services?

  • NAATI Certified Excellence: Juan’s NAATI certification is a testament to his professional translation standards.
  • Client-Centric Service: Juan is dedicated to delivering tailored translation solutions to meet diverse needs.
  • Expertise Across Genres: His background equips him to handle general or technical translation requirements effectively.

Connect with Juan Farias for Top-Quality Translations

Juan Farias is more than a NAATI-Certified Spanish to English Translator; he is a bridge between languages and cultures. His skills, honed over years of diverse experiences, make him your ideal partner for Spanish to English translation needs. Reach out to Juan Farias for translations that combine accuracy, cultural nuance, and professional reliability.

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