Marta Menendez: NAATI-Certified Spanish to English Translator

NAATI-Certified Spanish to English Translator

Welcome to Marta Menendez’s Professional Translation Services

Expert NAATI-Certified Spanish to English Translator

Hello! Are you searching for a skilled Spanish to English translator? My name is Marta Menendez, and I bring over two decades of experience in translation and interpreting to every project. I specialize in sectors such as medical, legal, immigration, social services, banking, and education, ensuring precise and culturally sensitive translations.

Why Choose Marta Menendez?

Diverse Expertise and Professional Credentials

I deliver comprehensive knowledge and nuanced understanding across various fields as a NAATI-certified professional. My expertise significantly enhances the clarity and accuracy of documents in:

  • Medical Translations: I translate medical documents accurately and promptly, supporting healthcare providers and patients effectively.
  • Legal and Immigration Documents: I expertly translate legal papers and immigration documents, facilitating clear and precise communication necessary for legal processes.
  • Educational and Social Policy Materials: I translate complex social policy and educational materials to support academic and community initiatives, promoting better understanding and cooperation.

Specialized Translation Services

Custom Solutions for Every Requirement

With extensive experience in the I/T field and collaborations with government and community organizations, I offer:

  • Community Engagement Translations: I enhance communication within community services to improve interactions and understanding.
  • Banking and Financial Documents: I accurately translate essential financial documents for banking transactions and comprehension.

About Marta Menendez

A Dedication to Quality and Cultural Accuracy

Armed with a Master in Interpreting & Translation, a Master in Social Policy, a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, and a Diploma in Leadership & Management, I am well-prepared to handle complex translations. I commit to delivering translations that are not only linguistically accurate but also culturally relevant.

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Do you need professional translation services you can rely on? Contact me today to get started. Let’s ensure your translation needs are met with the utmost accuracy and professionalism.


Choosing Marta Menendez as your NAATI-certified Spanish to English translator means entrusting your documents to a translator who values precision and cultural fidelity. Whether you are dealing with medical, legal, or educational documents, trust my expertise to provide exceptional services.

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