Ehsanul Kabir, NAATI-Certified Bangla to English Translator

Ehsanul Kabir, NAATI-Certified Bangla to English Translator

Ehsanul Kabir: Professional Bangla to English Translation Services

Welcome to the professional world of Ehsanul Kabir, a NAATI-Certified Bangla to English Translator and interpreter with extensive experience in Bengali and Rohingya languages. Based in Melbourne, Ehsanul offers unparalleled expertise in translating and interpreting for diverse needs.

Diverse Experience in Translation and Interpreting

Ehsanul’s career since 2003 has spanned a wide range of services:

  • Legal, Medical, and Corporate Documents: His portfolio includes hundreds of translations in these sectors, ensuring precision and accuracy.
  • Literary Contributions: Ehsanul has worked as a linguistic editor for literary magazines and has his translations of significant essays published in renowned journals.

NAATI Certification and In-Field Experience

  • Government Assignments: Ehsanul’s skills were recognized and utilized by the Australian Government in offshore Immigration Processing Centres.
  • Local Services in Victoria: His expertise extends to courts, hospitals, and government authorities, providing vital translation and interpretation services.

Why Choose Ehsanul Kabir?

  • Expertise and Reliability: With nearly two decades of experience, Ehsanul is adept at handling complex translations and interpretations.
  • Cultural Insight: His deep understanding of language nuances ensures culturally appropriate and sensitive translations.
  • Comprehensive Service: Whether it’s a legal document or a literary piece, Ehsanul’s breadth of experience covers all your translation needs.

Engage with Ehsanul Kabir for Your NAATI-Certified Bangla to English Translator Projects

Entrust your translation needs to Ehsanul Kabir, a NAATI-certified Bangla to English translator. His expertise, commitment, and cultural sensitivity make him a top choice for anyone seeking high-quality translation services in Melbourne. Reach out to Ehsanul for professional, accurate, and culturally attuned translation solutions.

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