Tushar Roy, NAATI-Certified Bangla to English Translator

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Tushar Roy – NAATI-Certified Translator and Interpreter

Introducing Tushar Roy, a NAATI-Certified Bangla to English Translator and interpreter. Boasting over 30 years in the field, Tushar exemplifies the highest professional standards in translation and interpretation services.

Exceptional Bilingual Skills in Bangla and English

Tushar Roy’s expertise includes:

  • Ambidextrous Linguistic Proficiency: Tushar excels in both Bangla and English. He has authored classical poems and essays in Bengali, and has crafted high-level business plans in English.
  • Complex Subject Matter Expertise: Tushar’s ability to understand and interpret complex subjects in both written and verbal forms sets him apart.
  • Accurate Translation and Interpretation: He expertly translates and interprets between English and Bengali, ensuring accuracy, completeness, and cultural appropriateness.

Why Tushar Roy is the Preferred Choice

  • Vast Experience: Tushar’s extensive 30-year career ensures superior quality in all his translation and interpretation projects.
  • Versatile Communication Skills: Whether it’s live, on-site interpretation or translating documents, Tushar adapts his skills to various communication modes.
  • Ongoing Professional Development: He continuously enhances his skills by studying both Bengali and English languages and literature, staying abreast of developments in diverse fields.

Tushar Roy, a NAATI-certified translator and interpreter, is an ideal choice for your Bangla to English translation needs. His deep understanding of both languages, combined with his dedication to professionalism, makes him a standout in the translation industry.

Tushar’s expertise covers a wide array of specialized sectors, including legal, marketing, and medical. His research skills and proficiency in word processing in both English and Bengali ensure that your translation requirements are met with the highest level of accuracy and expertise.

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