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Amna Bakhtiar – Professional Urdu to English Translator

Welcome to the world of Amna Bakhtiar, a proficient NAATI-certified Urdu to English translator. With a rich experience of over 8 years, particularly in healthcare and legal environments, Amna expertly combines her translation skills with extensive knowledge in business and marketing. Her ability in transcreation makes her stand out, ensuring that every message is culturally resonant and contextually accurate.

Specialized Translation Services in Diverse Sectors

As a NAATI-certified Urdu to English translator, Amna offers comprehensive services across various document types:

  • Healthcare Documents: Proficient in translating medical records, patient information, and health reports, ensuring accuracy in critical healthcare communications.
  • Legal Documents: Experienced in handling legal contracts, agreements, and court documents with precision and confidentiality.
  • Business and Marketing Material: Skilled in transcreation, adept at adapting marketing messages to resonate across cultures without losing their original intent.
  • Personal and Official Documents: Expertise in translating birth certificates, ID cards, driver licenses, marriage certificates, and more, facilitating personal and official procedures.

Why Choose Amna Bakhtiar?

  • Extensive Translation Experience: A solid track record of over 8 years in diverse professional settings.
  • NAATI Certification: A mark of high-quality and accurate translation services.
  • Business and Marketing Expertise: A unique combination of translating and adapting business and marketing content for various audiences.
  • Healthcare and Legal Translation Proficiency: In-depth knowledge of sector-specific terminologies and the intricacies of these fields.

Amna Bakhtiar is dedicated to delivering exceptional Urdu to English translation services. Her unique blend of industry experience, coupled with her skills in transcreation, positions her as an ideal choice for a wide array of translation requirements, ensuring that every translation is not just linguistically accurate, but also culturally and contextually relevant.

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