Atiya Zaidi: NAATI-Certified Urdu to English Translator

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Expert NAATI-Certified Urdu to English Translator and Interpreter

Hello! Looking for a proficient Urdu to English translator and interpreter? You’ve come to the right place. My name is Atiya Zaidi, and as a NAATI-certified professional, I specialize in both translation and interpreting between Urdu and English. Focused on delivering high-quality, culturally sensitive translations, I help you communicate effectively across linguistic barriers.

Why Choose Atiya Zaidi?

Certified Expertise in Urdu and English

Providing expert services as a NAATI-certified translator and interpreter, I ensure your documents and communications are translated accurately and effectively. Whether you need translations for legal documents, medical records, or business negotiations, I uphold the highest standards of professionalism and accuracy. Rest assured, your important documents are in capable hands.

Specialized Translation and Interpreting Services

Adapting Language for Diverse Needs

Offering a wide array of translation and interpreting services, I cater to various sectors:

  • Legal Translation: Precisely translating legal documents, court transcripts, and contracts, I support your legal proceedings.
  • Medical Translation: Accurately translating medical reports, consultations, and healthcare information, I safeguard patient well-being.
  • Business Interpreting: Moreover, I ensure clear and effective communication during business meetings and negotiations, which are crucial for successful international relations.

I customize each service to meet your specific needs, ensuring all translations not only achieve accuracy but also resonate with your intended audience. Each project receives my full attention and unwavering commitment to quality.

About Atiya Zaidi

A Passion for Languages and Cultural Exchange

My extensive experience and robust NAATI certification have equipped me with a nuanced understanding of the intricacies of translating and interpreting between Urdu and English. My commitment to bridging cultural and linguistic gaps uniquely positions me as your ideal translation partner. I am dedicated to enhancing understanding through precise translation.

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Ready to ensure your Urdu to English translations and interpretations are handled with professional care and precision? Contact me today to start discussing your project. Together, we will achieve clear and effective communication tailored to your specific requirements.


Choosing me, Atiya Zaidi, as your NAATI-certified Urdu to English translator and interpreter means entrusting your communications to a dedicated professional committed to excellence. Trust my expertise to provide high-quality, reliable translation and interpreting services that will help you succeed in your multilingual endeavors.

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