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Tahereh Shemshaki – NAATI-Certified Persian to English Translator

Discover the exceptional translation services of Tahereh Shemshaki, a seasoned NAATI-certified Persian to English translator boasting an impressive 28-year career that spans across Iran and Australia. Tahereh is your ideal professional for bridging linguistic and cultural divides, ensuring messages are conveyed with the utmost accuracy and cultural sensitivity.

A Journey of Excellence in Translation

Tahereh’s translation journey began in Iran, shaping her into an expert capable of handling diverse projects. Here, she developed a deep understanding of language nuances and cultural intricacies. Subsequently, her skills were further honed in Australia, adapting her extensive experience to a new linguistic landscape.

Diverse Translation Services with a Global Touch

Tahereh specializes in various fields, offering translations that resonate with precision and effectiveness:

  • Legal Documents: Translating complex legal terminologies and concepts with accuracy.
  • Medical Translations: Providing vital accuracy in medical records and reports, a crucial aspect of healthcare communication.
  • Technical Documents: Expertly handling the technical language found in manuals, specifications, and more.
  • Literary Works: Capturing and preserving the essence and subtleties of literary texts in translation.

Why Choose Tahereh Shemshaki?

  • NAATI Certification: Adhering to the highest standards in translation, Tahereh’s NAATI certification is a mark of her professionalism.
  • Rich Professional History: With 28 years of experience in Iran and Australia, Tahereh brings a wealth of knowledge to her translations.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: Her deep appreciation for cultural nuances enriches her translations, maintaining the integrity of the original text.
  • Versatile Expertise: Whether it’s legal, medical, technical, or literary translations, Tahereh exhibits proficiency in a wide range of areas.

Engage with a World-Class Translator

Tahereh Shemshaki is more than a translator; she is a dedicated communicator, committed to delivering services that uphold professionalism, accuracy, and cultural respect. Her extensive background, coupled with her passion for language, positions her as a reliable partner for all your Persian to English translation needs.

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