Ashkan Kazemianmoghimi: NAATI-Certified Persian to English Translator

NAATI-Certified Persian to English Translator

Welcome to Ashkan Kazemianmoghimi’s Translation Services

Experienced NAATI-Certified Persian to English Translator

Hello! Are you seeking a skilled Persian to English translator? If so, my name is Ashkan Kazemianmoghimi. I am a NAATI-certified translator with 15 years of diverse experience. Furthermore, I hold both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Translation, equipping me to manage complex translation tasks effectively.

Why Choose Ashkan Kazemianmoghimi?

Expertise Across Diverse Sectors

My comprehensive translation services specialize in several areas:

  • Official and Personal Identification Documents: I expertly translate vital documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, and passports. Moreover, I ensure each translation meets strict standards for official use.
  • Academic Records: I also translate transcripts, diplomas, and other academic documents, which are crucial for educational and professional recognition.
  • Specialized and Non-Specialized Texts: Additionally, I handle specialized texts across various industries, as well as general content that requires a nuanced approach.

Specialized Translation Services

Tailored Solutions for Your Translation Needs

Recognizing the unique challenges of each translation project, I provide:

  • High Accuracy and Cultural Relevance: My translations not only meet linguistic requirements but also respect cultural nuances, ensuring their relevance.
  • Timely Delivery: Similarly, I am committed to meeting deadlines, understanding the importance of timely submissions for my clients.

About Ashan Kazemianmoghimi

A Commitment to Quality and Precision

Throughout my career, I have consistently provided high-quality translation services. My extensive training and experience allow me to deliver exceptional results that effectively bridge language barriers.

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Need reliable and accurate translations from Persian to English? Contact me today to discuss your project. Together, we can ensure that your translation needs are met with professionalism and precision.


Choosing Ashkan Kazemianmoghimi as your NAATI-certified Persian to English translator means partnering with a dedicated professional. Trust my expertise to provide precise and culturally appropriate translations that fully meet your needs.

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