Yavar Dehghani:NAATI-Certified Persian+Dari to English Translator

NAATI-Certified Persian and Dari to English Translator

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Expert NAATI-Certified Dari and Persian to English Translator

Hello! Are you searching for a translator who brings profound linguistic knowledge and extensive experience? If so, Yavar Dehghani is here to serve you. As a NAATI-certified translator and a seasoned language manager, Yavar offers unparalleled expertise in Iranian and Turkic languages, including Persian (Farsi & Dari), Azerbaijani, and Turkish.

Why Choose Yavar Dehghani?

Distinguished Linguistics Expert with a Multicultural Perspective

Yavar completed his PhD in General Linguistics at La Trobe University in Melbourne, focusing on the comparative grammars of Persian, Azerbaijani, Turkish, and English. Consequently, his scholarly work underpins his translation practice, enabling him to offer translations that are not only linguistically precise but also culturally resonant.

Comprehensive Language Services

Translation, Interpreting, and Language Education

Yavar’s services encompass a wide array of linguistic needs:

  • Translation and Interpreting: Specializing in medical, legal, and academic document translation as well as phone and video interpreting.
  • Educational Services: Leading the Asian, European & Middle Eastern languages department at a Melbourne adult education centre, Yavar develops and manages courses that facilitate efficient second language learning through comparative grammar.
  • Literary Contributions: Additionally, Yavar has published several grammar books, phrasebooks, and dictionaries, and he continues to contribute to the linguistic community through papers on second language acquisition and reviews for major publishers such as Routledge.

About Yavar Dehghani

A Career Dedicated to Linguistics and Education

Yavar has been recognized with the Australian Day Medallion for his contributions to developing second-language courses. His teaching approach leverages the comparative grammar of languages to enhance learning efficacy and speed. Moreover, his multilingual capabilities and deep understanding of different cultures enrich his translations and make him a valuable asset to any project.

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Choosing Yavar Dehghani as your NAATI-certified Dari and Persian to English Translator means partnering with one of the most knowledgeable and experienced professionals in the field. Whether you need translations, language instruction, or cultural consultation, Yavar’s extensive background and innovative approaches ensure superior service and results.

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