Anar Ulikpan, NAATI-Certified Mongolian to English Translator

NAATI-Certified Mongolian to English Translator - Anar Ulikpan

Anar Ulikpan – NAATI-Certified Mongolian to English Translator and Interpreter

Introducing Anar Ulikpan, a dedicated NAATI-certified Mongolian to English translator and interpreter. Since 2016, Anar has been providing expert translation and interpreting services, with over 15 years of experience in the field.

Extensive Experience in Translation and Interpreting

Diverse Sector Expertise as NAATI-Certified Mongolian to English Translator

  • Anar’s experience spans across various bilateral and multilateral organizations, including JICA, GIZ (formerly GTZ), USAID, the Asian Development Bank, and the World Health Organization, among others.
  • She specializes in translating policy documents, health and social welfare project proposals, and providing interpreting services in health and social welfare settings.

Professional Background and Sector Knowledge

Broad Range of Translation Projects

  • Anar’s expertise includes working with international NGOs and major global organizations, translating complex documents and facilitating effective communication.
  • She has a deep understanding of the specialized language and terminology used in these sectors, ensuring high-quality translation and interpretation services.

Why Choose Anar Ulikpan?

  • NAATI Certification: Anar’s NAATI certification ensures professional standards and accuracy in her translation and interpreting work.
  • 15+ Years of Experience: Her extensive experience in the field demonstrates a profound knowledge of translation and interpretation in various contexts.
  • Specialization in Key Sectors: Anar’s focus on health, social welfare, and policy documents makes her services invaluable for related translation needs.

Anar Ulikpan’s Commitment to Excellence

Anar Ulikpan is dedicated to offering superior Mongolian to English translation and interpreting services. Her NAATI certification, combined with her extensive experience and sector-specific knowledge, guarantees precise and culturally sensitive translations.

Opt for Anar Ulikpan for your NAATI-Certified Mongolian to English Translator needs. Experience her expertise in handling complex projects with professionalism and cultural understanding.

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