Lorelle Knowles, NAATI-Certified Japanese to English Translator

NAATI-Certified Japanese to English Translator - Lorelle Knowles

Lorelle Knowles – NAATI-Certified Japanese to English Translator

Introducing Lorelle Knowles, a proficient NAATI-certified Japanese to English translator and the driving force behind Wildcat Translations. Since graduating from Monash University in 2016, Lorelle has specialized in technical translations, particularly in patents and life sciences.

Academic Excellence and Specialized Expertise

Educational Achievements

  • Lorelle graduated from the Master of Interpreting and Translation Studies program at Monash University, Melbourne, in 2016. Her thesis, focusing on the translation of Hiroshi Ogiwara’s “Ashita no Kioku” and the translation of style in literature, earned her a high distinction.
  • This academic excellence laid the foundation for her specialization in technical translation, showcasing her deep understanding of complex subjects.

Professional Journey and NAATI Certification

A Career in Technical Translation

  • Since 2016, Lorelle has been a full-time technical translator, working with agencies and private clients. Her expertise in patents and life sciences translation is widely recognized.
  • She achieved NAATI certification as a Japanese into English translator in 2017, further solidifying her professional credentials.

Wildcat Translations: A Unique Approach

Collaborative and Personalized Services

  • In 2022, Lorelle expanded her business, operating under “Wildcat Translations.” The company collaborates with a team of skilled translators, editors, and QA checkers, ensuring high-quality and large-scale project management.
  • Wildcat Translations is distinguished by its use of advanced CAT tools and a commitment to fair compensation for all translators involved.

Why Choose Wildcat Translations?

  • Direct and Collaborative Translation: Lorelle personally handles translations and works with a team to ensure the best results.
  • Technical Expertise: Specialization in patents and life sciences guarantees translations that are accurate and industry-specific.
  • NAATI Certification and AUSIT Membership: Lorelle’s adherence to a strict code of ethics and professional standards is paramount.

Beyond Translation: Lorelle Knowles’s Diverse Interests

A Life Filled with Passion

  • Lorelle’s life extends beyond translation, encompassing a love for food, snowboarding, photography, and travel. This breadth of interests adds depth and perspective to her translation work.

Choosing Wildcat Translations

With Lorelle Knowles at the helm, Wildcat Translations stands as a testament to personalized, professional translation services. Whether for small or large-scale projects, Lorelle’s expertise and collaborative approach ensure translations that exceed expectations.

Experience the excellence of Wildcat Translations for your Japanese to English translation needs. Trust Lorelle Knowles for translations that embody precision, professionalism, and passion.

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