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Emese Antal Cuth – NAATI Certified Hungarian to English Translator and Interpreter

Meet Emese Antal Cuth, a NAATI-certified Hungarian to English translator and interpreter, whose rich multicultural background and passion for languages have made her an exceptional language professional. With ethnic Hungarian roots and Slovak, Canadian, and Australian citizenships, Emese’s diverse cultural experiences have greatly enhanced her linguistic abilities.

Diverse Linguistic and Professional Background

As a NAATI-certified Hungarian to English translator, Emese boasts a varied range of experiences:

  • Varied Educational Background: From primary education in Slovakia and high school in Canada to university studies in Hungary and a professional career in Australia.
  • Wide-Ranging Work Experience: Including literary translation, in-house medical translation, and project management for a Hungarian Language Service Provider (LSP).
  • Specialization in Translation & Localisation: Currently serving as a Translation & Localisation Specialist for a SaaS company, specializing in automotive software localisation.
  • Academic Involvement: Engaging in sessional academic work at Macquarie University, with a focus on translation technology.
  • Artistic Talent: Bringing a creative perspective to her translation work as an artist.

Why Choose Emese Antal Cuth?

  • NAATI Certification: Professionally certified in Hungarian to English translation and interpreting, ensuring high standards.
  • Multicultural Insight: A unique perspective shaped by living and studying in multiple countries.
  • Versatility in Language Services: Skilled in various translation and interpreting assignments, including academic and technical content.
  • Passion for Language: A lifelong dedication to language learning, teaching, and professional language services.

Emese Antal Cuth is more than just a translator; she is a cultural bridge. Her extensive experience and passion for languages are evident in every project she undertakes. Whether it involves translation, localisation, or interpreting, Emese guarantees top-quality, culturally sensitive Hungarian to English language services, making her a valuable asset for any linguistic needs.

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