Alexandra Kovaricek, NAATI-Certified Czech to English Translator

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Alexandra Kovaricek – NAATI-Certified Czech to English Translator

Introducing Alexandra Kovaricek, an accomplished NAATI-certified Czech to English translator. With a remarkable journey of over 40 years in translation, Alexandra has worked with numerous agencies and managed her own business, translating a variety of documents.

Extensive Translation Experience and Diverse Background

A Rich Career in Translation Alexandra’s extensive translation career includes work for many agencies and her own business. Her deep understanding of Czech and English languages makes her translations exceptionally accurate and reliable.

Educational and Professional Journey Born in the Czech Republic and relocating to Australia as a young woman, Alexandra gained a Bachelor of Arts degree from New South Wales University. Her love for languages led her to learn Russian and German, with Czech being her favorite subject.

Technical and Medical Expertise Alexandra’s career path took her to the University of New South Wales as a Technician and later to Adelaide in the medical field. These roles provided her with valuable experience in technical and medical vocabulary.

Why Choose Alexandra Kovaricek?

  • NAATI Certification: Her certification is a testament to her professional expertise in translation.
  • Diverse Linguistic Skills: With proficiency in multiple languages, Alexandra offers culturally nuanced translations.
  • Extensive Technical and Medical Knowledge: Her background in these fields enhances her translation capabilities.

Alexandra Kovaricek’s Commitment to Translation

Retired from her regular jobs, Alexandra continues to translate, keeping her mind active and up-to-date. Her passion for languages and translation shines through in every project.

Select Alexandra Kovaricek for your Czech to English translation needs. Experience the depth of knowledge and versatility she brings to each translation task.

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