Violeta Dimova-Nikols, NAATI-Certified Bulgarian to English Translator

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Violeta Dimova-Nikols – NAATI Certified Bulgarian to English Translator

Introducing Violeta Dimova-Nikols, an innovative and creative linguist and NAATI-certified Bulgarian to English translator. Violeta’s diverse experience spans managing delegations in sectors such as government, legal, corporate, media, travel, and agriculture. Her skills extend to office reception, administration, account management, and exceptional customer service.

Wide-Ranging Translation and Linguistic Services

Violeta’s service offerings as a NAATI-certified Bulgarian to English translator include:

  • Delegation Management: Experience in managing government, legal, and corporate delegations, ensuring smooth communication and logistical support.
  • Client Relationship Management: High-level client interaction with a focus on understanding and meeting their unique translation needs.
  • Tour Guide Assistance: Providing support to delegation tour guides, addressing challenges and solving problems mid-tour.
  • Document Translation: Specializing in translating a wide range of documents, maintaining accuracy and confidentiality.
  • Compliance and Confidentiality: Adhering strictly to the client’s and interpreter’s code of conduct, ensuring professionalism in all translations.
  • Report Writing: Skillful in writing incident and post-project activity reports, providing comprehensive feedback and analysis.

Why Choose Violeta Dimova-Nikols?

  • NAATI Certification: Her certification is a testament to her professionalism and expertise in Bulgarian to English translation.
  • Diverse Industry Experience: Violeta’s extensive background across various sectors enriches her translation work, making her adaptable to different contexts.
  • Commitment to Quality and Compliance: She maintains strict confidentiality and compliance, ensuring trust and integrity in her services.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Violeta’s ability to address challenges during assignments showcases her adaptability and client-focused approach.

Violeta Dimova-Nikols stands out as a NAATI-certified Bulgarian to English translator, bringing a unique blend of creativity, linguistic skill, and industry-specific experience. Her comprehensive approach to translation and delegation management makes her services indispensable for clients requiring precise, culturally sensitive, and contextually appropriate translations.

In addition to her translation expertise, Violeta’s commitment to client satisfaction and her ability to handle complex projects with agility and professionalism make her an ideal choice for those seeking high-quality Bulgarian to English translation services.

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