Elvira Kurmasheva: NAATI-Certified Translator

NAATI-Certified French and Russian to English Translator

Welcome to Elvira Kurmasheva’s Translation and Interpreting Services

Expert NAATI-Certified French and Russian to English Translator and Conference Interpreter

Hello! If you are seeking a professional translator and interpreter who can seamlessly bridge French, Russian, and English, you’ve come to the right place. My name is Elvira Kurmasheva, and I am a NAATI-certified translator and skilled conference interpreter based in Sydney, Australia. With a deep commitment to linguistic excellence, I translate and interpret across various dynamic fields, enhancing communication for a diverse client base.

Why Choose Elvira Kurmasheva?

Diverse Linguistic Expertise and Professional Certification

I offer comprehensive translation and interpreting services across the following language pairs:

  • Translation: I translate from Dutch, English, and French into Russian and from Russian, Dutch, and French into English, with NAATI certifications for Russian to English and French to English.
  • Interpreting: I work between Russian and English, and from French into Russian, specializing in conference settings and formal meetings.

Specialized Translation and Interpreting Services

Tailored Solutions for Complex Needs

With experience since 2013, I have developed a specialization in:

  • Fashion and Luxury Brands: Translating catalogues and training materials that help luxury brands communicate their essence across cultures.
  • Legal and Medical Texts: Handling legal contracts and Instructions for Use (IFUs) for medical devices that require precision and expertise.
  • International Business and Social Sciences: I am passionate about translating materials related to international business strategies, the Olympic movement, and social science topics, particularly indigenous peoples’ issues.

About Elvira Kurmasheva

A Rich Educational Background and International Experience

My translation and interpreting skills are backed by extensive academic training, including a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree from the Moscow State International Relations Institute and a Master’s from the School of Conference Interpreting and Translation (SCIT) in Saint Petersburg, Russia. My international experience, including significant time in France, enriches my professional capabilities, allowing me to offer nuanced and culturally sensitive translations and interpretations.

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Choosing Elvira Kurmasheva as your NAATI-certified French and Russian to English translator means partnering with a seasoned linguist who is dedicated to delivering high-quality, reliable linguistic services. Trust my expertise to bridge language gaps effectively and elevate your international communications.

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