Daniela Margaoan: NAATI-Certified Romanian to English Translator

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Expert NAATI-Certified Romanian to English Translator and Registered Migration Agent

Hello! Are you looking for comprehensive translation and migration services? My name is Daniela Margaoan, a NAATI-certified Romanian to English translator and a Registered Migration Agent since 2017. With extensive experience since 2006, I specialize in delivering high-quality translation services and expert migration advice.

Why Choose Daniela Margaoan?

Dual Expertise in Translation and Migration

Leveraging my dual certification, I provide specialized services that cater to both individual and organizational needs:

  • Translation Services: As a certified translator, I offer accurate translations for legal, medical, and business documents, ensuring that all translations meet the stringent standards required for official use in both Romania and English-speaking countries.
  • Migration Services: With my expertise as a Registered Migration Agent, I assist clients in navigating the complex process of migrating to and from Australia, offering tailored advice and handling of visa applications and other migration-related documents.

Specialized Services

Tailored Translation and Migration Solutions

I am committed to providing services that are specifically designed to address the unique challenges of my clients:

  • Comprehensive Language Services: From document translation to interpreting services, I handle a broad spectrum of language solutions to enhance communication and facilitate effective cross-cultural interaction.
  • Migration Assistance: Utilizing my in-depth knowledge of migration law, I provide consulting and documentation services for a range of visa types, citizenship applications, and more.

About Daniela Margaoan

A Commitment to Excellence and Client Satisfaction

With a robust background in both linguistics and migration law, I bring a unique perspective to my work, ensuring that all services are performed with the highest level of professionalism and adherence to ethical standards. My certifications and registration details (NAATI CPN6LV60T, MARN 1791871) underscore my commitment to quality and reliability.

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Are you ready to ensure that your translations are precise and your migration processes are smooth? Contact me today to start discussing your needs. Together, we will navigate the complexities of translation and migration with ease and confidence.


Choosing Daniela Margaoan as your NAATI-certified Romanian to English translator and Registered Migration Agent means partnering with a professional who is committed to providing exceptional services. Trust my expertise to deliver outstanding results that meet your expectations and help you achieve your goals.

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