Mark Hillis, NAATI-Certified German & Dutch to English Translator

Mark Hillis – NAATI-Certified Translator (German and Dutch to English) Meet Mark Hillis, a distinguished NAATI-certified translator with a remarkable 40 years of experience in translating German and Dutch into English. As a native English speaker who graduated in foreign languages from the University of Queensland, Mark has been immersed in the world of translation […]

William Van Lent, NAATI-Certified Dutch to English Translator

William Van Lent – NAATI-Certified Dutch to English Translator Introducing William Van Lent, a NAATI-certified translator specializing in Dutch to English translations. William believes in the importance of native fluency and cultural immersion for effective translation. His philosophy ensures that all translations capture the essence of both languages, from subtle semantic nuances to idiomatic idiosyncrasies. […]