Kim Koy: NAATI-Certified Khmer to English Translator

NAATI-Certified Khmer to English Translator

Welcome to Kim Koy’s Translation Services

Your Premier NAATI-Certified Khmer to English Translator

Greetings! If precise, professional, and NAATI-certified Khmer to English translation services are what you seek, you’ve arrived at the right destination. My name is Kim Koy, a dedicated translator with extensive experience in bridging language barriers for both businesses and individuals.

Why Opt for a NAATI-Certified Translator?

Assurance of Excellence and Accuracy

Opting for a NAATI-certified translator means ensuring that your documents achieve the utmost accuracy and quality. NAATI certification represents a translator’s expertise and their dedication to maintaining the highest standards, highlighting the importance of professional credentials in delivering exceptional translation services.

My Services

Tailored Translation Solutions

I specialize in a broad array of translation services, tailored to meet your specific needs, including:

  • Legal documentation translation
  • Medical record translation
  • Business contract and agreement translations
  • Website and app localization
  • Personal documents and correspondence translation

Your projects are approached with precision, ensuring every translation accurately conveys your intended message.

Why Choose Kim Koy?

Expertise, Detail, and Dependability

With years of experience as a NAATI-certified Khmer to English translator, I bring a nuanced understanding of both languages to each project. This expertise ensures translations are not only precise but resonate with cultural and contextual relevance.

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Embark on your translation journey with a professional who ensures clarity and accuracy across all communications. Contact me, Kim Koy, today to discuss your translation needs. Let’s make sure your voice is heard, regardless of the language.


Choosing me, Kim Koy, as your NAATI-certified Khmer to English translator guarantees translations that adhere to the highest standards of accuracy and professionalism. Whether for business expansion or personal needs, you can rely on me for translations that are both precise and culturally sensitive.


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