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Top-Ranked NAATI-Certified Thai to English Translator

Hello! Looking for the best Thai to English translation services? I am Dylan J. Hartmann, a NAATI-certified translator recognized as the top-ranked professional in this field globally since 2017 on ProZ.com. Specializing in clinical trial documents and certified identification documents, I ensure precision and reliability in every project.

Why Choose Dylan J. Hartmann?

Unmatched Expertise and Recognition

  • Global Ranking: Consistently ranked as the number one Thai to English translator on ProZ.com.
  • Professional Affiliations: Active member of AUSIT and former secretary of the QLD Branch, emphasizing my commitment to the highest ethical standards in translation.
  • Educational Background: I hold a Master of Studies degree from Australian National University (ANU) and a combined Bachelor of Thai Language and Culture from Mae Fah Luang University (MFU) in Thailand and Bachelor of Arts/Asian Studies from ANU.

Specialized Translation Services

Expertise in Clinical Trials and Official Documents

  • Clinical Trial Documentation: With extensive experience in the medical translation field, I provide translations that are crucial for the global development and approval of new medical treatments.
  • Certified ID Documents: I offer certified translations of identification documents that are recognized by governmental and international bodies, essential for visa applications, citizenship processes, and legal compliance.
  • Literary Translations: Award-winning translations of Thai literature, bringing rich cultural narratives to an English-speaking audience with authenticity and creativity.

About Dylan J. Hartmann

A Commitment to Excellence and Accuracy

As a native English speaker with professional fluency in Thai, I bridge language gaps with ease, providing translations that are not only accurate but also culturally resonant. My work is driven by a passion for linguistics and a dedication to supporting clients through meticulous translations that meet their specific needs.

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Are you ready to work with the world’s top-ranked Thai to English translator? Visit my website at Dylan J. Hartmann’s Translations for more information and to view client testimonials. Contact me today to start your translation project. Let’s achieve clarity and precision in all your communications.


Choosing Dylan J. Hartmann as your NAATI-certified Thai to English translator means partnering with a leader in the field. Whether you need detailed translations for clinical trials, certified documents, or literary works, trust my expertise to deliver exceptional results.

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