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A software as a service (SAAS) platform that provides a seamless and efficient translation service between freelancers, LSPs and customers.

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How We Began

Having had direct experience in the Australian and international translation industry, our AcudocX team acknowledges certain issues and difficulties often faced by customers and NAATI translators which can disrupt collaborative efforts to provide effective and efficient translations.

AcudocX founder, Dylan J Hartmann, has been a Thai to English translator specialising in clinical trial and literary fields, and working full-time for the world’s leading agencies. Becoming NAATI-certified and moving to Brisbane in 2017, it was soon realised that most jobs requiring NAATI-certification are for immigration or citizenship purposes, and a range of AUSIT extract translation templates were available to deal with these sorts of jobs. However, even with extracts, the time spent by both customers and the translator was excessive for the relative simplicity of each job. 

Aiming to help benefit other practitioners as well as customers with a faster, more efficient and cost-effective system, AcudocX was born.

Additionally, to further maximise customer accessibility and efficiency, it was decided that the AcudocX system should expand to a mobile platform, which would be most suited for simple extract translations.

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About AcudocX

With an overwhelming amount of immigration translation work within the Australian market, AcudocX has recognised that large portions of the translation workload could be more efficiently and effectively managed by a semi-automated, customer-managed system.

We make translating documents quick and simple. Our system is specifically designed to seamlessly handle simple immigration translation activities from start to finish. AcudocX empowers customers with the option to fill in basic information themselves. The result is a significant reduction in time spent by translators – from the moment a customer submits a job to the moment the certified translation is delivered. AcudocX seeks to offer streamlined and time-efficient desktop and mobile platforms that will inherently reduce the costs for customers, but also help manage translation workloads, customer queries, and also billing processes, while being flexible enough to handle ad-hoc or full translation requests.

The goal of AcudocX is to benefit all parties and become the platform of choice for both freelancers & LSPs. Streamlining the process and eliminating the need for phone calls or one-on-one customer interactions, AcudocX drastically reduces agency overheads and allows translators to dedicate their time to their more pressing tasks. 

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The AcudocX Team

Stephen St Baker
AcudocX Director

Dylan J Hartmann
AcudocX Managing Director

Aimee Jirapak
AcudocX Assistant Project Manager

The AcudocX Team